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| Lawsuit Financial Corp

Most of us have strong personal opinions on how to best shape or migrate through the American sociopolitical landscape. These days, injustice seems to have run amok. Yet, seldom is an opinion asked of or consideration given to the victims of injustice; the ones most impacted are too often left voiceless.

My blog, Justice for All, is dedicated to giving everyone an equal voice. Whether it is civil justice, safety, general legal issues, or politics, Justice for All aims to provide my perspective on how we can best serve all citizens going forward. In creating such a space, I also encourage my readers and visitors to comment on posts.

Whatever your views, I invite you to subscribe and become a member of Read, reflect, support, criticize, and challenge me and one another. Our differences must strengthen, not divide, us. Perhaps, with time, we can change the world. Thanks!


Mark M. Bello is an attorney, certified civil mediator, and award-winning author of the Zachary Blake Legal Thriller Series. He is also the CEO of Lawsuit Financial and the country’s leading expert in providing non-recourse lawsuit funding to plaintiffs involved in pending litigation, a member of the State Bar of Michigan, a sustaining member of the Michigan Association for Justice, and a member of the American Association for Justice.

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