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| Lawsuit Financial Corp

Look in any neighborhood garage or tool shed and you will most likely find at least one red plastic gasoline can. These gas cans are most commonly used to store gasoline for lawnmowers, but also help power any device with a gas engine. Unfortunately, most people are unaware that certain types these small portable gas container can easily explode, leaving innocent people burned, scarred, disfigured or dead. gas containers can easily explode leaving innocent people burned, scarred, disfigured, or dead These explosions can be caused:

  • by a nearby open flame
  • by natural gas pilot light
  • by static electricity that can ignite gasoline vapor
  • by static electricity that is released when filling a gas can while holding it off the ground
  • by sliding a gas can across a truck bed liner

The leading manufacturer of the most dangerous of these plastic gas cans is Blitz USA, which recently filed for federal bankruptcy protection and announced that the company would be closing its doors after nearly fifty years in operation. Blitz claims the reason is unwarranted products liability litigation “fueled” by the big, bad trial lawyers. However, as usual in these types of stories, the trial lawyers are advocates for safety, the litigation is anything but unwarranted, and the real bad guys here are the corporate decision-makers at Blitz USA.

Blitz USA is a predator, a company that put the cost of human life and safety at $1.00 or less. Apparently, that is how much it would have cost Blitz to make its containers safer and avoid any of this so-called, “unwarranted” litigation. Rumor has it that Blitz USA is not gone forever; the company will most likely resurface somewhere, a place with less safety regulation, where it will continue to manufacture these containers without being forced to install the inexpensive safety devices.

Let’s flash back three years: Dan Rather presents a series of reports on "Dan Rather Reports", “Dan Rather Reports alerting the public that the Blitz gas containers were potentially dangerous. In this episode, an eight-year-old boy is cleaning up toys in the yard when he accidentally tips over a gas can. Vapors from the gas can travel along the cellar floor, where the child is placing a bicycle; there is a sudden ignition and an instantaneous fire. The cellar is engulfed in flames, trapping the boy, who is severely burned over 50% of his body.

Since that time, there has been independent testing performed by Worchester Polytechnic Institute to determine if these gas cans do indeed explode; the undeniable evidence is that they do. It was determined that the problem is easily prevented with a flame arrestor (a small screen in the nozzle) that allows the gas to come out, but keeps flames from igniting gasoline vapors inside the gas can, which will cause the can to explode. Although more than 30 lawsuits were filed against Blitz USA, as well as against retailers who have sold these dangerous containers, Blitz knowingly continues to endanger the public by refusing , to this day, to spend the $1 necessary to make these gas cans safe. Blitz argues that the flame arrestor is not used because of the added cost. Remember, we are talking about $1 per gas can, an amount that could easily be passed on to the consumer. The company also claims there are warning labels on every can. True, however, these warnings are provided in small raised letters in the red plastic; they are hard to notice and difficult to read. A more effective, prominent, warning label would cost only a few pennies per can.

It has become obvious that Blitz, for years, has valued profits over safety of the general public. It is also obvious that it values profits over the well-being of the community that helped it achieve its success. It is closing its doors, putting Oklahoma citizens out of work, simply because it refuses to spend approximately $1 per gas can to make people safer. What was the role of the trial lawyers in this tale of greed and safety violation? Trial lawyers, after Dan Rather exposed the company for the greedy predator that it is, are pursuing Blitz USA for its negligence and the devastating harm the company caused to innocents like the eight-year-old boy featured above. Trial lawyers intend to hold the company accountable for all of the injuries and deaths that its negligence and greed has caused.

Apparently the threat of litigation and public scrutiny brought on by reports like Rather’s, has caused a dangerous company to close its doors. This writer will throw no pity-party for Blitz USA. It is unfortunate that some employees lost their jobs, but that is a temporary condition and, in most cases, one from which they will recover. The child featured in this post still has burn residuals over 50% of his body and has had to endure a very painful recovery. Many victims suffered similar injuries and recoveries; others died leaving survivors left to mourn their loved ones. And remember, Blitz USA closed its doors, not because of negative reporting and not because of trial lawyers, but because it refused to spend $1.00 per can on safety.

For your own protection and that of your loved ones, if you own an EMPTY plastic gas can, look to see if it has a flame arrestor in the nozzle. If it has no arrestor, get rid of the container at a local hazardous waste center. Call your city office for the center nearest your home. As to the “big, bad trial lawyers v. Blitz USA” debate, I urge readers to watch the entire Dan Rather investigation. Decide for yourselves whether these gas cans are safe or not. Decide for yourselves who the “bad guys” are in this unfortunate, completely preventable, public tragedy. The entire Dan Rather “series” can be found on YouTube under “Dan Rather Reports A Sudden Explosion.” Be vigilant; Blitz USA is bound to resurface, somewhere, manufacturing these deadly gas containers for sale in the U.S. Watch for these gas cans; pick up the container and check to see who manufactured it; check whether it features a safety arrestor. If the can says Blitz USA or has no safety arrestor, place it back on the shelf and buy the one that cost $1.00 more, manufactured by any company that cares about your safety, anybody who believes that life is worth more than a dollar a can.


  1. Gravatar for John Hopkins
    John Hopkins

    Great post Mr. Bello. I actually had two of these gas cans and am very happy to learn that I needed to get rid of them. These companies can not be allowed to keep putting we consumers in danger. If the government can not keep the corporations honest and us safe, then thank God for lawyers!

  2. Gravatar for William Bailey
    William Bailey

    Thank you! Great article.

  3. Gravatar for eddie willers
    eddie willers

    Why not sue the manufacturers of the gasoline?

  4. Mark Bello

    Eddie: You're a funny guy! So funny, in fact, that we all forgot to laugh. Except, these aren't very funny incidents and the serious injuries and deaths caused by BlitzUSA's deliberate disregard for safety aren't funny either. The arrogant stupidity of people who actually believe that these things can't or won't happen to them is scary. Enjoy your convention.

  5. Gravatar for L. C. Burgundy
    L. C. Burgundy

    If Blitz had been so obsessed with profit, wouldn't they have just put the supposedly fool-proof fireproofing device that you say was all that was needed and then they would still be in business? Can you point us to any gas cans that do incorporate such devices? Why doesn't the government require such devices if they will apparently make gasoline containers fireproof? These seem to be the more relevant questions to the goal of furthering gasoline safety than making rather odd claims about a defunct company.

    This post, as it stands, really smells more of sour grapes from an attorney that knows they just got stuck holding a bunch of now-worthless cases against Blitz.

  6. Gravatar for Christy

    L.C. In answer to your question, "Can you point us to any gas cans that do incorporate such devices?"

    Yes, I can. No Spill manufacturers these cans. Their website is You can purchase them online at

    I think your response would be different if your child was the one who could no longer smell because his/her face was severely burned because you purchased a Blitz gas can.

  7. Mark Bello

    Christy: You took the words right out of my mouth. For your information, one of sites you linked to did not work properly (at least for me). The site is Thanks for the comment and for setting L.C. straight.

    By the way, L.C., the reasons that Blitz USA didn't make the fix are known only to its decision makers. My suspicion is that the fix would have suggested that its product was, in fact, defective, and that was an admission that these decision makers did not want to make. Why? Fear of even more litigation from people who were injured, maimed or killed by this very dangerous container. Regards, Mark

  8. Gravatar for Michael Monheit
    Michael Monheit

    Mark, I guess the buyer figured why buy the company after they make the change when you could do as they did - let the "old" company run from liability by declaring bankruptcy and then selling the assets into a "new" company without the liability. Do you think "old" owners/management got any payments before they placed the company in bankruptcy? I can't wait to find out about that and see if my suspicions are ture or not true. Do you think any of the old managment will get hired to run or consult with the "new" company? I wonder if any of them got (or will get) consulting work from the buyer? Do you think the new company will put flame arrestors in the gas cans now? I guess we just need to wait and see.

  9. Mark Bello

    Good questions, Michael. As you say, we'll just have to wait and see. I wonder: Are any of the old management team members of the "new" company?

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