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Are you familiar with Andy Borowitz? If not, you must subscribe to his hysterical online rantings for New Yorker Magazine. In his latest, Andy correctly states that the nation just spent two and a half billion dollars on "nothing". And, as usual, he is absolutely correct. The House didn't change; the Senate didn't change; the Presidency did not change hands. "Nothing" happened. I guess that the big winners are TV stations and networks, Radio stations and networks, and any other type of media in which a candidate can purchase advertising. Media wins; the candidates waste. Sounds like just another day in Congress.

The second comment that cracked me up came from a more unlikely source, especially since he is employed by the same network as the person he was criticizing. The subject of the criticism was one Donald Trump, the new king of crazy. Trump jumped on his Twitter page, as the election results became obvious, and tweeted that citizens should:

"Fight like hell and stop this great and disgusting injustice! The world is laughing at us."

He followed this with:

"This election is a total sham and a travesty. We are not a democracy!"

He was not done….

"Our country is now in serious and unprecedented trouble…like never before."

And, finally (apparently, not realizing that the President was going to win the popular vote, too) Trump Tweeted:

"The Electoral College is a disaster for a democracy".

(I wonder what this jerk said after Al Gore beat George Bush in the popular vote but "lost" the 2000 Electoral vote and the election)

Brian Williams, the fine anchor for NBC (the network that airs "Celebrity Apprentice"), when hearing about the Tweets had this to say about Trump:

[Trump] "has driven well past the last exit to relevance and veered into something closer to irresponsible"

BAM!!! I'd like Brian's take on Rush Limbaugh, who said that the country had rejected "traditional values of hard work", then asked:

"In a country of children where the option is Santa Claus or work, what wins?"

That's his take away from the election? All those who supported the President are, simply, looking for "hand-outs"? That's what decided the election? These two "gentlemen" have become prominent spokepeople for today's Republican Party, the Party that nominated Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock to serve in the Senate. I know many fine people who call themselves "Republicans". If they wish to save what is left of their Party, they will repudiate and expatriate themselves from the lunatic fringe of the GOP. This is not your grandfather's Republican Party and it sure as hell ain't "grand".


  1. Gravatar for Rick

    After years of being fiscally conservative and listening to the liberal media, we finally pulled the plug. We will not listen to liberal TV in the future - period. I like to think about us as open minded. We want to know the other side's perspective - the liberal viewpoint. Yet, from this time forward, we will read news information primarily from digital sources …no more TV news! What made the difference regarding our decision is Candy Crowley’s (CNN) comment regarding Benghazi during the debate. It was disgusting!

    It will be difficult not to listen to TV news other than FOX, yet we have already succeeded this morning and tonight. I am confident we have erased liberal media from our lives. I advise others to follow our lead. In the past, we have not been vocal. Things have changed.

    What happened to ideals about less government and free enterprise helping all Americans? We cannot turn into Greece. For the first time in my life, I am scared for America.

    I voted for Jimmy Carter before going to college. Then I became wise about productivity per capita in many ways is equivalent to standard of living. We are discouraging effort and productivity, the work ethic that made the US GREAT!

    My wife and I have no children. We work hard at Fortune 500 companies. We are a highly regarded advertising target demographic. Good luck to TV News stations remaining relevant.

  2. Mark Bello

    Rick: That's great, but it has nothing to do with what I posted. I completely agree that the country has to be more fiscally responsible; in the future, that discussion should center on how we do that and upon who's back we balance the budget. You may argue that we need a strong military; I would agree. However, we don't need to allocate more funds than the military is requesting, as Romney would have. Is that fiscally responsible? You may argue that Obamacare is too expensive. I would argue that it is too expensive NOT to insure people; when they get seriously ill because they cannot afford to go to the doctor for preventative care, the taxpayers pick up a much larger tab for their illnesses. That would be a reasonable policy discussion to have. John Boehner said yesterday that "entitlements" were the largest driver of our debt. You may agree, but I would argue that the largest drivers our debt were unpaid for tax cuts accompanied by two unnecessary and unpaid-for wars, policies put forth by a REPUBLICAN administration. Those, again, would be POLICY arguments and reasonable discussions to have. But to rant like a maniac about "injustice" and the "world laughing at us" because his guy didn't win is damaging to the country. To say that Democratic voters prefer "Santa Claus" to "work" is insulting and divisive, especially when you compare the level of work being performed by laborers (predominately Democratic) against the "work" being performed by Limbaugh. As a fiscal conservative, you should be championing honest labor, repudiating the likes of Trump and Limbaugh and not allow them to speak for you. What do you think?

  3. Gravatar for Jeff


    Generally speaking, "fiscal conservatives" are moderates who are in the center on social issues, but swing slightly to the right on the economy. They do not constantly refer to the "liberal" media, nor are they likely to be regular Fox News viewers. However, the real "tell" was your reference to Benghazi - talk about manufactured outrage. There were 64 attacks on American diplomatic targets during George W. Bush's term, with 31 people being killed in Benghazi alone. Where was the outrage from the right on that? Regardless, none of this has anything to do with Mark's original point. You are simply another angry voice from the right, shocked that the country (once again) sided with a party who promotes crazy concepts such as "equal rights", "the middle class" and "science". I'm fairly certain the liberal media will not miss what never existed - you as one of their viewers...

  4. Gravatar for John C Dooley
    John C Dooley;commentWrapper

  5. Gravatar for Jess

    What's your point, John? Which of the CBS stories are you pointing us to? That Mitt's cousin could have helped him with the Latino vote? That Mitt is Shellshocked about his loss? That the President ran a better campaign? Or, could it be that little story about the President appealing to Black voters in about the same numbers as Romney appealed to bigoted white men? One of those, obviously, is YOU, sir.

  6. Gravatar for Jeff

    Nice link John - that's some solid investigative work on your part. Of course, the black vote has traditionally been over 80% for Democrats, so it's hardly shocking that it went up even higher with a black candidate. You might want to sit down for this - the Catholic vote had traditionally been around 50% for Democrats and it went up to almost 80% when Kennedy won in 1960...

  7. Gravatar for Vern Dennis
    Vern Dennis

    I guess I'll be praying for Obama's continued good health because I cannot imagine a worse president than Joe Biden

    I wonder how many votes Romney lost because he is a Mormon ? I'd like to think we are beyond that by now, but Romney lost a few states that logically should have gone for him and I wonder if that was a factor

  8. Mark Bello

    Vern: I can imagine many worse than Joe. Doubt that Romney's religion was a factor. It was his shiftiness more than anything else. The only 'issue' he seemed to have a firm and unwavering stance on was that he wanted to be president. By the way, are you aware that George W. Bush received more votes from Mormons than Romney did? What does that tell you about Mitt's politics?

  9. Mark Bello

    By the way, Vern: Do you honestly believe that Romney's religion was a higher negative with "bigoted" voters than Obama's race?

  10. Gravatar for jc

    I am a Republican and conservative. I believe that Obama has done great harm to this country with Obamacare. This poorly conceived legislation will take a river of money to fund it and will destroy medicine as we now know it. The concept that we can cover 32 million uninsured Americans simply by raising taxes on "the rich" is off the wall. The American public will soon learn the true costs of Obamacare. High taxes (including a VAT tax), stagnant economic growth, and health care rationing. The doctors are the biggest losers in Obamacare. The plaintiff attorneys are the biggest winners. Notice that there is nothing that restricts plaintiff attorneys in Obamacare. Lord help us!

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