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An open question to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce:

Will this lawsuit appear on your "top ten most ridiculous lawsuits" list or are you too afraid to piss off Donald Trump?

No, you will probably continue your dishonest trend of misrepresenting more serious lawsuits and making jokes about them and the citizens who bring them, as you did about the very serious McDonald's coffee case in which an elderly woman suffered 1st degree burns because McDonald's coffee was deliberately kept at scalding temperatures.

You will continue your trend of trashing hard-working, citizen advocate attorneys for attempting to hold industry accountable for seriously injuring, disabling and/or killing its customers. After all, how important is a serious injury or a death or two when the fate of corporate profits are at stake?

But, when successful businessmen or corporations file frivolous, time wasting, garbage like this proposed Trump vs. Maher lawsuit, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is nowhere to be found. Can you spell H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-S-Y?

As for Trump? Well, his actions and words speak for themselves. For someone as successful as he has been, he does and says some very supid and outlandish things. Personally, I much prefer Maher; at least he makes me laugh rather than upchuck.

Meanwhile…back to this absurd lawsuit threat: Since I am opposed to the filing of truly frivolous lawsuits, how about some alternative dispute resolution? Rather than Donald threatening this joke of a lawsuit and wasting public money and the court's time, how about a Maher vs. Trump debate for charity? Well…no….Trump would probably decline because he knows that Maher would wipe the floor with him in something as civilized as a debate. So, let's get down to The Donald's level…How about a wrestling match for charity? I would pay to see that! What about it boys?

Mark Bello is an attorney and owner of Lawsuit Financial Corporation, a lawsuit funding company.


  1. Gravatar for Vern Denis
    Vern Denis

    Why don't your comments include(1) what the lawsuit is about and (2) who the beneficiary of the lawsuit would be

    It isn't about greed and it won't go into the Donald's pockets (I do agree that some form of binding arbitration would be better)

  2. Gravatar for Jessica

    The lawsuit is frivolous, Vern. It waste's the court's time. It doesn't matter where "the money", which is not owed and was "offered" in jest, is going. Nothing was said about "greed" in Mark's post, although, the Chamber's "ridiculous lawsuit" campaign is clearly all about corporate greed. Frivolous business to business lawsuits are never featured on the Chamber's list. The list is one of many attempts by the corporate lobby to bailout out negligent corporation at the expense of victims and taxpayers

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