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After consuming alcohol at a local restaurant/bar, a Canadian woman decided she should not drink and drive. She left her car in the parking lot overnight and took an Uber home. When she went back the next day, the woman was grateful that her car had not been towed, it was not broken into, and she did not get a ticket. What she did find, however, was this note on the windshield.

When the woman returned to the restaurant to thank McLean for his act of kindness, she learned that she was not the only patron to ever receive the letter. McLean said he appreciates that people take the laws seriously and started leaving notes on cars to encourage others to not drink and drive.

McLean’s act of kindness has gone viral after the woman shared the note on her Facebook page, garnering over 8,000 shares and 20,000 ‘Likes’.

Nowadays, with taxis, public transportation, and ridesharing apps like Uber there is no excuse for drunk driving. I encourage my readers to not only share this story, but also make a pledge to not drink and drive. Just because you are not drunk doesn’t mean that you’re not impaired. Even one drink can impair your judgement.

Mark Bello is the CEO and General Counsel of Lawsuit Financial Corporation, a pro-justice lawsuit funding company.

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